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Ignite Your Imagination and Power Workshop Series

April, May & June 2018

8:30AM- 3:00PM

For Girls Ages 7-15

Join us for this amazing workshop that’s sure to Ignite Her Imagination and Power through Career and Self-Exploration! This workshop series will provide girls with hands-on experience in a variety of career pathways as well as an opportunity to meet professional women who are leaders in their respective industries.

Girls Are Powerful is excited to announce its third annual Workshop Series and Summit, Ignite Your Imagination and Power through Career and Self Exploration!

This year, our four-part Career series will take place from 8:30AM to 3PM on the following Saturdays:

  • April 28th – Computer Technology

  • May 5th – Skilled Trades: Construction, Cabinetry & Carpentry

  • May 19th – Health & Medical Skills / Culinary Arts

  • June 2nd – Art, Design & Communication

Each workshop will highlight a range of skill sets and career paths to inform and energize our girls about many different professions. The workshop series will conclude with a two-day Empowerment Summit on Saturday, September 15th &  September 22nd from 9AM to 3PM!

  • Day 1: Career Day – offering a fun and interactive career day experience.

  • Day 2: Redefining Sisterhood, a self-exploration learning experience about loving themselves and loving others.

Studies show that career development should begin as early as Kindergarten. Our workshop series will address topics around career awareness and exploration as well as self-actualization and achievement. Our program content has been designed to cultivate confidence and creativity in our girls while helping them discover new interests and future possibilities.


The Ignite your Imagination and Power Workshop series will provide our girls with hands-on experience in a variety of career pathways as well as an opportunity to meet professional women who are leaders in their respective industries.

In 2012, Handover Research examined the importance of career development programs for elementary and middle school students and effective practices in the delivery of career-focused educational programs. Youth who are self-aware are better able to recognize their strengths and understand their challenges. Self-awareness encourages skills necessary for the healthy development of our girls such as self-discovery, self-reflection, and self-advocacy.

As a part of our program we have selected to explore:


Computer Technology | April 28, 2018


Led by a Saint Paul Instructor the girls will discuss topics related to computer hardware and software, programming, operating systems and beyond. They will learn networking and troubleshooting skills and explore some programming languages.


Skilled Trades: Construction, Cabinetry & Carpentry | May 5, 2018


The girls will receive hands-on experience working with lumber while learning some basic construction skills. They will also have an opportunity to put together a footstool that will be theirs to take home.  Led by Saint Paul Carpentry instructor Perry Franzen, and Cabinetmaking instructor Tom Hillstead.


Health & Medical Services | May 19, 2018


The first step in any medical career pathway is to learn CPR. Led by a Saint Paul College Instructor, the girls will learn and administer CPR on static mannequins, discuss possible careers and take a tour of the medical simulation lab.


Culinary Arts | May 19, 2018

CARE & NOURISH The girls will discuss food safety, learn basic culinary techniques and bake cupcakes. Led by a Saint Paul College Instructor.


Art, Design & Communication | June 2, 2018


Led by women with creative careers in the community, the girls will learn and explore their creative abilities across many art forms such as Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Personal Communication & Photography.

Each workshop session builds upon each other!

At the end of the series, it is our hope that each girl will self-identify a career area of interest, which will play a key role into who we select as our guest speakers at the Empowerment Summit in September as well as our FINAL art project!

Workshop Outcomes

Anticipated Outcomes of the workshop series

  • Improve the girls understanding of personal power, self-esteem by introducing them to the many traditional and non-traditional career options available and women who are in them.

  • The girls will also gain knowledge of self-advocacy through job exploration/seeking process.

  • The career and self-exploration process will contribute to these outcomes and as mentioned above, those skills increase the chances of healthy development in our girls. We will continue to use pre-and post-workshop assessments to evaluate success. We will share these lessons via our website and with the community during our Mother-Daughter Fall Event, that will be held in November 2018.

The Schedule

Workshop Schedule at a Glance (subject to change)

  • 8:30 am  – Event Registration / Continental Breakfast

  • 8:50 am – Event Kick Off

  • 9:00 am  –  Session Rotation 1

  • 10:30 am  – Session Rotation 2

  • 12:00 pm – Lunchtime / Activity

  • 1:00 pm – Career Guest Speaker(s) / Activities 

  • 2:00 pm – Session Rotation 3

  • 2:50 pm – Wrap-Up & Closing Remarks

  • 3:00 pm – Program Ends


Exploration is the key theme for this workshop series, so we encourage you to encourage your girl or group of girls to experience more than one workshop!

Workshop Sessions

Session 1: Computer Technology

Session 2: Skilled Trades: Construction, Cabinetry & Carpentry

Session 3: Health & Medical Services / Culinary Arts

Session 4: Art, Design & Communication

April 28, 2018

May 5, 2018

May 19, 2018

June 2, 2018

This workshop series is cumulative. Each session builds on the last one and our Empowerment Summit in September will bring it all together.

We understand that exposure to many different career fields is what ignites a child’s imagination and furthers their self-exploration and creativity, therefore, we invite you to register your girl(s) or group of girls to attend our workshop series at a reduced cost.

Select from the following three options below:



includes ALL 4 Career  Sessions

Option 1 Fees:

Individual Fee: $195

Family Fee: $175 per girl

Group Fee: $155 per girl

Cash Value: $240




includes your selection of 3 Career Sessions

Option 2 Fees:

Individual Fee: $165

Family Fee: $150 per girl

Group Fee: $135 per girl

Cash Value: $180



includes your selection of 2 Career Sessions

Option 3 Fees:

Individual Fee: $115

Family Fee: $105 per girl

Group Fee: $95 per girl

Cash Value: $120

The Family Fee is for 2 to 4 family members only | The Group Fee is for 5 or more girls.

For example, The cost to register two girls for Option 1 (all 4 sessions) would be $175 per girl.

What's included in the fee?

We will provide the following for each workshop session: 

  • Continental Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Materials & Supplies 

  • Workshop Swag & so much more… 


Don’t let cost stop you!  A limited number of scholarships are available, please see more information below.

More Workshop Information

 Ignite Your Imagination and Power Workshop Series – More Information

Learn more about our Refund Policy, Payment Options, Scholarship, Liability Release & Media Release.

Enhance The Journey: Mindful Parenting Techniques, Parent Circle

We are excited to offer the Parent Circle as a part of this Workshop Series. The Parent Circle is a welcoming space for parents to talk openly about topics and issues affecting girls today, with the goal being to support and empower them along their adolescent journey.  

These sessions will be hosted between 9:30AM – 2:45PM on April 28th and June 2nd.

Discussion Topics: TBD

Travel Information

Our Workshop Series will be hosted at:

Saint Paul College 235 Marshall Avenue Saint Paul, MN 55102

Download and view the Parking and Directions to Saint Paul College

Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures

For each workshop, registration begins at 8:30AM; sessions begin promptly at 9AM and end at 3PM. To ensure efficiency and minimize disruption during the workshops, please adhere to the drop-off and pick-up times listed below: 

  • Drop-Off Time: 8:30AM – 9:00AM

  • Pick-Up Time between 3 and 3:30PM

The safety and security of every workshop attendee is our top priority, and as such, we will be establishing a verification procedure for drop-off and pick-up in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned regarding these details.

As always, you are more than welcome to escort your youth into our workshop facilities. If you plan to attend the Parent Circle, event parking information and instructions will be updated on our site and sent out via email to those who have completed registration.

Please note: Your youth will be released to you once our volunteers check your verification number. If you or the person picking up your child does not have the verification number, we will assume they are not authorized to pick up your youth. Therefore, we will not release a youth to anyone who does not have an accurate verification number. We appreciate your support in helping to maintain a safe and secure environment!

Public Transportation

Metro Transit – Trip Planner –


Please contact us at if you have any questions.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!



The Girls Are Powerful 2018 Ignite Your Imagination and Power Workshop Series wouldn’t be possible without the financial support of EILEEN FISHER, the Ann Bancroft Foundation and Target Women in Science and Technology!


Volunteer Opportunities

Onsite volunteer opportunities will be available during the Workshops.  If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the Volunteer Interest Form and we will contact you with further details.

Meet our speakers for the Ignite Your Imagination and Power Workshop Series!

Session 1: Computer Technology | April 28, 2018

 Joana, IT Professional at Target                                                                                                                                 

Joana Cruz is a Supply Chain Modernization Product Engineering and Engineering Technical Transformation & DevOps leader. She started a career in IT in IBM when she was 19. She has two daughters who are future women engineers. She has traveled to 18 countries and counting. She has also been a Judge for FIRST Robotics and Hackathon Competitions. She has mentored Genesys Works, Best Prep-Educators and FIRST Robotics Team. She is also an Advisory Board Member of Minnesota State – Enterprise Engagement Partnership. 



 Tarah, IT Professional at Target                                                                                                                                   

Tarah Cleveland is a full-stack developer on the Digital Weekly Ad team at Target. The languages she mostly uses are Java and JavaScript with SQL as the database language. She works with Target India, Target creative and promotions teams to obtain the data that serves their application. She is involved in many organizations within Target: Target Women in Science and Technology, New to the Twin Cities Group, Diversity Action Committee. She loves coordinating and participating in volunteering events both at Target HQ, but also outside of the company as well. When she’s not at work, she enjoys running, downhill skiing, cooking, going to trivia with her friends and traveling. 



Parent’s Circle | April 28, 2018

Carrie, Certified Health Coach                                                                                                                                                 

Leaving behind a successful corporate career, Carrie Boe completely switched gears and became a health coach with the hope of encouraging others to better manage their own health and wellness. And to ultimately discover the power of their personal strength in mind, body and spirit! Many of the common challenges others face in regards to good health is something Carrie knows far-too-well. She experienced her own amazing health journey by losing 100 pounds and as a result, truly transformed her life. Her coaching practice is dedicated to helping others achieve similar success. This SuperStrongChick’s mission is to inspire and empower her clients to create happy, healthy and STRONG lives! Last but never least, Carrie is especially passionate about diabetes management (being a 25-year, complication-free diabetic herself), reversing pre-diabetes and nurturing healthy habits for kids. Current statistics suggest at least 1 in 3 kids today will grow up to develop diabetes. NOW is the time to reverse that trend!


Session 2: Skilled Trades | May 5, 2018

 Racheal, 4th year Carpenter Apprentice                                                                                                                           

Racheal Green (Ray) with just a few dollars in her pocket and sheer determination to succeed, moved to Saint Paul, Minnesota from Chicago, Illinois. With limited resources and months away from having her son, Racheal made the decision that Model Cities, a program for low- income single mothers would be the best option; it was at Model Cities where she planned for a better life. She immediately enrolled into St. Paul Community College, studied Cabinetry, graduated with honors and complimented her Diploma with Associate in Science. She proceeded to work at one of the top home improvement stores after graduation designing bathrooms  and kitchens. Passionate about building and construction, the move to Carpentry was a natural fit. With encouragement from friends; family and the desire to create a better life for her son, she applied and was accepted into the Carpenters union as an apprentice for Braxton Construction. 


 Amy, MüD Modular                                                                                                                                                             

Amy Lokken designed a business born from resilience and determination. She has over 20 years of experience in the design world. Throughout her career in the shopping center industry, Amy saw a need for businesses to learn how to showcase their products and services in everyday places.  Hence, the birth of MüD Modular, (Pronounced mood) in 2009.  She defines MüD as “the act of marketing and advertising to sell your product, increase profits, and grow your business.” With Amy’s powerful eye for visual impact and the ability to understand human psychology, she developed the concept of a modular display system that is dynamic and versatile. Her background in Industrial Design combined with her unique way to see things differently makes her the “go to” person for anyone who needs to wow customers at a meeting, trade show or event.


Session 3: Health & Medical Skills / Culinary Arts | May 19, 2018

 Carolina, Health Educator

Carolina Ramirez grew up in her family’s bakery in Salinas, Calif. where she was the Head Cake Decorator for over 15 years. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Business from San Jose State University. Ramirez chose to pursue a position with Ramsey County Women, Infants and Children (WIC) because of its diversity. She was appointed to the position of Nutrition Educator in September 2014 and as a part of her onboarding process, completed two courses at Normandale Community College to build her skills in nutrition. Her education in sociology and nutrition prepared her to counsel clients and help them set goals for healthier living. In February 2018, Ramirez was appointed to the position of Health Educator with Ramsey County Child and Teen Checkups where she aims to improve the health of children and teens and reduce the negative impact of health problems.


 Chef Lachelle                                                                                                                                                             

Lachelle Cunningham has received many accolades, mostly recently winning the Charlie Award for Community Hero. She is known for her work with Breaking Bread Cafe, a program of Appetite for Change, a non-profit food justice organization dedicated to using food as a tool for health, wealth and social change. Currently, Chef Lachelle is involved in teaching, mentoring, consulting, participating in think-tanks and strategic coalitions, as well as simply playing in the kitchen. She serves as the Founding President of the Onyx Culinary Collective, a local collective of African American chefs in the Twin Cities.  Being dedicated to serving the community, she also volunteers in various programs involving youth like Cooking Matters, the Minneapolis Public Schools True Food Chef Council, Junior Iron Chef competitions, Roots for the Home Team youth program, and the Super Bowl Super Snack Challenge. 


Session 4: Art, Design & Communication | June 2, 2018

 Michelle, Marketing and Communications
Breakout 1: My Words. My Brand. Communication Session





Kendra, Photographer 
Breakout 2: The Selfie Project. Exploring Identity through Photography                                                                 

Kendra Henseler believes Artistic Expression has the power to change our world.  With over 15 years of dance teaching experience for ages 2-60, professional dance training since 1994 and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Minnesota, Art has played a formative role in Kendra’s life.  As a performer, she’s danced for acclaimed choreographers such as Trisha Brown, Anna Sokolow, Nautilus Music Theater and Global Worship Movement on stages, museums and community classrooms. As a choreographer, Kendra’s work has been shown primarily through her Boston based dance company, Six One Seven Dance Collective. As an educator, Kendra has worked with communities of professionally trained dancers in studio environments as well as in the non profit sector with the Boston Ballet’s Community and Outreach program while teaching through the Boston public schools. Kendra has taught across the globe in underserved populations such as Trinidad and Tobego, Brazil, South Africa and Thailand. 


Cori, Illustrator and Designer
Breakout 3: The Creative Me. Visual Art Session                                                                                                           

Cori Lin is a Japanese-Taiwanese American illustrator and designer based in Minneapolis. She has made work for Pollen Midwest, Springboard for the Arts, 3Mgives, Grease Rag, and GirlForward. In all of her work, she strives to bring people of color and other marginalized narratives to the center. She always trying to expose a deeper narrative, whether painting food, facts, or faces.  She supports Girls are Powerful because she is only where she is today because of many mentors and friends’ encouragement. 

Two Day Empowerment Summit Event | SAVE THE DATES

This workshop series will conclude with a two-day Empowerment Summit hosted on Saturday, September 15th and 22nd from 9AM to 3PM. 


Career Day! | September 15, 2018


This session is about going deeper where the participants will learn more about personal power and self-advocacy. We will have special guest speakers and sessions/discussions around mock interviews, networking, and more.


Redefining Sisterhood | September 22, 2018


In addition to exploring these careers, this session is all about teaching our girls about Loving Ourselves and Loving Each Other. It will take on a unique focus of self-care and self-exploration in relation to self-esteem and individual development. The main goal of this workshop will be to provide a comfortable and welcoming space for girls to discuss their uniqueness, their differences, their commonalities and most importantly, the power they can achieve when coming together

Community Service Project

Details will be announced as apart of 2018 Empowerment Summit

2018 Workshop Series – Ignite Your Imagination and Power
April, May & June | For Girls Ages 7-15 | Location: Saint Paul College

"I am so excited to have found your organization. The event was exactly what I had hoped, only more! The mom group part was also very meaningful." - Mom
"The girls were thrilled about the Character posters that were created and said they had a really good time and hope to come back! We hung up their framed artwork right above their beds!" - Mom
"My daughter is gaining self-esteem, learning how to interact with others, building longtime friendships and becoming more aware of the power that is in her." - Mom
"She enjoyed herself, and I think coming together with new people helps build more self-confidence in help some to come out of there shell." - Mom
"The energy around Girls are Powerful events is uplifting and inspiring. My daughter has the language and the ideas for a strong and solid base from which to grow. I'm grateful and encouraged by everything that Shawntan and the team are doing. Thank you!" - Mom


Session 3: Health & Medical Skills / Culinary Arts | May 19th

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