Girls Are Powerful is an organization with a social mission to empower girls to foster strength of character, change the way they view and feel about themselves and embrace their unique individuality.

Our movement is designed to create a paradigm shift in the way girls and young women view and feel about themselves by changing the way they think and act one step at a time.  Our goal is to empower girls by introducing them to power words (characteristics) and tag lines to create awareness and encourage them to dig D.E.E.P:

  • Discover their Differences
  • Acknowledge their Essence
  • Build their Esteem
  • Embrace their Power

Digging “D.E.E.P” is a process that can assist in learning life skills and how to deal with one’s self by creating self-awareness and self-management skills to achieve success in life. We also strive to instill in girls how to use these skills to establish and maintain positive relationships, promote effective decision making, and exhibit responsible behaviors.

Are YOU inspired?